The Kaballah (in the Jewish tradition) is not connected to any form of religion, but just gives a key to decode the hidden divine plan for the creation of the universe.

“I got into Kabbalah by chance, following the discovery of a strange assonance between some of the “Calls to the dead phone lyrics and some general Kabbalah concepts. This is the reason why I tried to develop the relationship between “Calls to the dead phone songs and some main principles behind the Jewish Kabbalah.”


Due to this connection, every song included in the album, symbolizes each one of the ten divine emanations (sephirot) included in the tree of life, which is the basic concept of Kabbalah. The numbers from one to ten, in their various combinations, can give rise to a new interpretation of the world and the nature, and each “sephira”, is also linked with a specific number ranging from one to ten. Due to this double consideration, the 10 songs ofCalls to the dead phone are connected not only to the 10 branches of the tree of life (sephirot), but also to the 10 numerical symbols that represent the alphabet of creation (the dial of the phone). In fact, we can find this sequence of numbers in the dial of an old phone, where the dial represents the cycle of nature and life.

The Album was conceived as a transition from sunrise to sunset, and from sunset to sunrise again, following an infinite loop of opposites, like a path that leads from birth to death and from death to life again, passing through the Revelation.


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