A message in a bottle

My feeling has always been that everybody has got his own message in a bottle, but everybody keeps it to himself. And only a few people really believe that this message should be sent, because nobody thinks that this message could one day really be read by someone else on the opposite side of the world, and could be really helpful to the other people. Only a few people send a message to share their own feelings, to say to the world “I am alive” and “I am here with my drama”. And it basically happens because we are scared of each other, because we are selfish, and we avoid putting ourselves at risk. And all the fear we feel, day after day, makes us indifferent to the lives of other people. And this progressively takes away the hope.

“Calls to the dead phone” is my personal call, my personal message in a bottle. It may never be picked up by anyone, but if that happens, and someone, maybe only one person finds it, and collects it, it will mean that I was right, and I reached my goal.